Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Light Whisperer meets Horse Whisperer

Meet Jorge Gabriel of Casa Lusitana . Sometimes I'm lucky enough to tag along with my wife Nancy to her horse events. This was a very special one indeed. Here's a man who loves what he does and is great looking to top it off. Here are some photos from his recent annual event.


  1. What an amazing horseman. His barn and his horses are enviable. He is also the head of a beautiful family, and yes, he's pretty good looking too! I can't wait to spend time with his daughter, Isabel, again.

  2. Tim, Amazing photos!!! You truly are the light whisperer. The expressions and feelings you capture in these photos is simply beautiful. Thank you for being part of our big day. Tara

  3. Great photos Tim!! Thank you for attending our event, it was great having you and Nancy. Jorge