Monday, January 3, 2011

Harry's got Sole

I received a request from young aspiring photographer from England.

Hi Tim,
I'm 16 years old and studying photography at my school in England, UK. I discovered your site whilst doing research for my coursework. I love all of your work, especially the landscapes. However, I am very fond of doing portrait photography and I adore the shot of Harry Connick Jnr!
I was just wondering if it was possible for you to give me some tips or pointers on how to get photos like you. I only have a typical Sony Cybershot camera at the moment, but currently looking for a more up-market one!
Any of your time would be much appreciated,
Kind regards,
I think this is the photograph that you are referring to Ellie. Harry Connick Jr. is always a ball to photograph. This photo shoot was for his first big band Christmas CD "When my Heart finds Christmas"
Harry wanted a very "classic" cover so he flew us all to Mt. Hood, Oregon in August and we found this sweet little mountain cabin with a very cozy fireplace. After we finished I asked Harry if we could shoot outside around the cabin. We did this photograph in the bath tub and a whole lot of other photographs I really love. He used one of them as a huge poster for promoting the CD.
My advice to you Ellie, is find people that interest you to photograph. Then find a place to photograph that has simple backgrounds and beautiful light. Sometimes less light is better but that's my opinion. So everyday you're looking around your life for these people and places. You could use your Sony Cybershot to catalog these ideas. Not that it really matters but I do suggest you get a slr camera that takes interchangeable lenses so you could really control your focus, f stops, and shutter speeds. The other nice thing about an slr is being able to get your eye right in the view finder and work that composition and different angles on a persons face. You have all these decisions to make and that's what makes it your photo. And remember that photographs are like snowflakes... the elements make each one unique!
Hope this helps.

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